Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Who is Caleb Dume and who is his voice actor?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch re-introduces viewers to Caleb Dume, who will be a familiar face to those who watched Star Wars Rebels, though may not be known to others. So who is Caleb Dume in The Bad Batch, and who is the character’s voice actor?

Who is Caleb Dume in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

caleb dume kanan jarrus

Caleb Dume is the birthname of Kanan Jarrus, one of the main characters in Star Wars Rebels. In Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Caleb is a young Jedi Padawan, with the first episode showing how his master Depa Billaba sacrificed herself to save his life. Caleb is one of few who survived the Great Jedi Purge, running from the clone troopers and making it to safety.

Hunter letting Caleb escape is one of the reasons why Crosshair grows suspicious of his Bad Batch squadmate, given that Crosshair is still found to have been partially affected by Order 66. Hunter lies to Crosshair, saying that Caleb had fallen to his death, when in reality Caleb had managed to escape the clones’ clutches.

Caleb goes into hiding, where he adopts the name Kanan Jarrus that Star Wars fans are most familiar with. Kanan keeps his Force abilities under wraps considering the Empire’s stranglehold on the galaxy, though when he meets with Rebels’ protagonist Ezra Bridger, he decides to once again pursue the goal of becoming a Jedi Knight. He eventually achieves this while he trains Ezra in the ways of the Force. Kanan ultimately sacrifices himself to save his Rebels friends, so the conclusion of his story is well-known to Star Wars fans.

Who is Caleb Dume’s voice actor in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Freddie Prinze Jr. reprises his role as Caleb Dume in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, following his turn in Star Wars Rebels as Kanan Jarrus.

Freddie’s voice acting skills only appear briefly in the episode, with it mainly focusing on the titular Bad Batch. However, it seems likely that he’ll make a return in the near-future, with Hunter’s decision to spare the Jedi’s life following Order 66 likely set to be brought up again at some point in the Disney Plus series.

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