Star Wars The Bad Batch: Who is on planet J19?

In Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 1, titled ‘Aftermath,’ the mysterious planet J19 (or J-19) is referenced. At the end of the first episode, Hunter explains that Clone Force 99 has a friend on J19, with the group blasting off to go find them. As such, viewers are wondering who this might be — could it be Rex? Cut Lawquane? Or a completely different character?

Who is on planet J19 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

cut lawquane star wars the bad batch

As Hunter notes, The Bad Batch have very few friends, particularly after Order 66 has been executed and the clones are now fighting for the newly formed Galactic Empire. While there has been speculation that The Clone Wars’ Rex could be their contact on J19, it actually seems likely that Hunter is referencing sector J-19, the location of the Saleucami System in which Cut Lawquane is located.

Cut Lawquane what featured in The Clone Wars season 2 episode 10, titled ‘The Deserter.’ In the episode, Rex meets Cut, a former Clone trooper who abandoned his post after witnessing his squadron murdered in battle. Cut has retreated to a peaceful life as a farmer with a family, one of few clones who have deviated from their path in the army.

While Rex’s duty is to report Cut as a deserter, he chooses not to do so, recognizing Cut’s decision to leave military life behind. However, unlike Rex and the Bad Batch who have had their programming altered or inhibited to prevent them from carrying out Order 66, Cut would likely not choose to carry out this order due to being too far away from its signal. As such, he’s likely one of just two clones the Bad Batch could approach in the series, given that the rest of the clones are now following Emperor Palpatine’s orders.