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Returnal: How to unlock Spaceship Model artifact

Artifacts are some of the most powerful items in Returnal. Some buff damage or increase proficiency, while others bestow Selene with unique abilities. One of the more sought-after items is the Spaceship Model, which turns Selene’s dash into a potent offensive maneuver. However, like so many other items in the game, it could take quite a while to unlock the Spaceship Model and add it to the loot pool.

How to unlock the Spaceship Model artifact in Returnal

How to unlock the Spaceship Model artifact in Returnal

The Spaceship Model in Returnal appears as a possible spawn from chests, containers, Fabricators, and Reclaimers. To add it to the loot pool, you simply need to discover it as a random drop across any biome. Alternatively, there’s a chance to unlock the Spaceship Model artifact by depositing Ether into Cthonos.

Like nearly every other item in Returnal, the Spaceship Model artifact can appear practically anywhere. When you first start the game, every item you encounter will be unknown. However, after scanning it, the item becomes available as a random drop in future runs.

The same is true here. To unlock the Spaceship Model artifact, you’ll first have to find it as a random drop. Once the first one is found and scanned, it will be added to the game’s loot pool. After that, you have a chance for the Spaceship Model to appear at random from enemy drops, chests, Reclaimers, or Fabricators.

If you’re looking to speed up the process, you should consider spending your Ether at Cthonos. It’s the alien contraption near the wreck of the Helios at the start of each run. In exchange for 3 Ether, Cthonos will unlock a random new item. The catch, of course, is that it’s random: You may get the Spaceship Model, but you may also get a completely different artifact or consumable.

Either way, this is one to look out for. As artifacts go, the Spaceship Model is special because it unlocks an all new melee attack. Not only does it extend Selene’s dash, but it also causes the dash to deal damage to enemies caught in the path. Needless to say, this opens up countless offensive opportunities, particularly when paired with the Atropian Blade and the right parasite.