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Resident Evil Village Statues Puzzle: Correct direction to rotate them

One of the more difficult puzzles in Resident Evil Village is the statues puzzle found in the Hall of Ablution. While a riddle on the wall provides clues, it can be tricky for some RE8 players to decipher the instructions. Thankfully, this guide exists and has the solution. Here’s the correct direction to rotate the statues in Resident Evil 8.

Correct direction to rotate statues in Resident Evil Village puzzle

Resident Evil Village Statues Puzzle Guide

To solve the Resident Evil Village statues puzzle, players must rotate each statue in these correct directions:

  • Both women must be facing one another.
  • The man on horseback must face a woman.
  • The poor people must face the male on horseback.

Rotate the statues one at a time until they are all in the correct positions. This will then trigger the pool to empty and a path downstairs to appear. Descend lower into the castle to continue the adventure.

While it can be tricky to work out how the rotating statue puzzle works, the following text does contain helpful clues. They can be found highlighted in bold below.

Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”

While it’s not stated how the poor and women interact, it can be assumed that they are facing away from one another, which is the final piece of the puzzle.

Despite Resident Evil Village featuring a lot of action, with plenty of enemies to shoot at, it’s nice to see that brainteasing puzzles like this still remain.

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