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How to open graveyard gate in Resident Evil Village

Knowing how to open the graveyard gate in Resident Evil Village will give players access to the missing piece used to get Beneviento’s Treasure. Thankfully, it’s very easy to open, though requires a bit of RE8 story progress. Here’s how to open the gate in the graveyard in Resident Evil 8.

How to unlock the Resident Evil Village graveyard gate

How to open graveyard gate

To unlock and open the graveyard gate in Resident Evil Village, players must progress through the story until the encounter with the Angie doll has been completed.

When the Angie doll has been dealt with, players will return to the village. Heading to the graveyard reveals that new enemies have spawned. Once fought, players will find that the graveyard gate is now open. The treasure within can then be used to unlock Beneviento’s Treasure.

While it might be tempting to try and open the graveyard gate before heading to meet the doll, as it saves a trip back to the treasure site, it’s not possible. Players must progress to the point where the graveyard gate opens by itself.

While other gates in the game require player interaction with keys or the completion of puzzles, the graveyard gate is one of the rare exceptions. Players simply have to keep on playing through the story for the gate to eventually unlock.

Should players somehow miss the gate unlocking, worry not, for the loot within isn’t so significant as to ruin the game.

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