Box art - Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village: Can you aim down sights?

Resident Evil Village is played from a first-person perspective, so there are some features players expect. One of these is the ability to aim down sights, which is featured in most first-person games with guns. So, fans will be perplexed when Ethan just raises the gun to his shoulder when the aim button is pressed.

Can you aim down sights in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Gun with Sight

Unfortunately, despite receiving military training in the time since Resident Evil 7, Ethan can’t aim down sights in Resident Evil Village. Instead of behaving like most modern first-person games, the aim button just has Ethan slightly raising the equipped firearm and the reticle changing. Aiming does improve accuracy, but visually, it just causes Ethan to fire from his shoulder instead of his hip.

Capcom could make the excuse in Resident Evil 7 that Ethan was so inexperienced with firearms that he didn’t know how to use iron sights. However, that excuse doesn’t hold up in Resident Evil Village. The decision not to include the ability to use gun sights in the game is incredibly perplexing. One of the weapon upgrades in the game is a red-dot sight (which weirdly increases firepower and rate of fire) that Ethan doesn’t even use.

Those playing on PC have it a better than console players since it’s a lot easier to aim with a tiny dot when using a mouse. Aiming down sights would give those using a controller a much better sight picture to work with, but unfortunately, that isn’t an option. Hopefully, at some point in the future, Capcom will offer a more realistic depiction of firearms use. As it is now, Ethan just awkwardly holds his gun at hip or shoulder level when firing.

The exception to the above is the sniper rifle, which does allow players to use the scope. On the flip side, it’s useless when hip-fired, which makes it the odd man out in Ethan’s arsenal.