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Returnal 1.300.600 update patch notes

The Returnal 1.300.600 update patch notes do not bring the save features you may want — or any of the features that we want including the much-requested save feature. In the scope of things, it’s a relatively small update. However, it does have some bug fixes players want more of.

Housemarque announced this small update on Twitter. It is set for May 8 at 4 AM PT and since that will be at night for many people, it’s obviously recommended that players do not use rest mode over the night on May 7 for their run. So be sure to finish that run before clocking off. Of course, turning off auto update would also help, which Housemarque suggests for some people.

This update contains fixes for the pre-order suits as they stopping some players from opening doors and items. Custom controller mapping should also be fixed, which some players were also running into issues with. This is also in addition to numerous crashes and “minor fixes” that Housemarque did not detail in its tweet about the upcoming patch.

The last bulletpoint has to do with corrupted save games, which was a huge issue with the malignant 1.300.300 update. Many flooded Twitter and Reddit with horror stories of their roguelite runs being cut short and seemingly permanently messed up. Housemarque quickly pulled the patch, but not after many people had their saves corrupted. Some were able to retrieve backups or fool the game into fixing their save, but some were out of luck. Housemarque said that people with save files that we 0 KB were essentially screwed and had to start all over.

Returnal 1.300.600 update patch notes

-Multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes.

-Fixed issue with pre-order suits occasionally blocking items and doors.

-Fixed incorrect healing behaviour.

-Fixed issues with custom controller mappings.

-Numerous minor fixes

-Fixed issue with corrupted save game.