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Returnal update adds more Scout corpses and fixes trophies

The Returnal 1.003.003 update patch notes do not contain the save functionality that many players are looking for. Instead, this update that Housemarque promised yesterday is smaller and focuses fixing some small bugs. It even adds a few more dead bodies to the mix, as all good patches do. The update is also 1.085 GB.

Returnal update gives players more chances to gain or lose Ether

Returnal update adds more Scout corpses and fixes trophies

The biggest change in the patch depends on what players are more into. This update claims to have fixed some of the trophies in the game, which were not unlocking for some players. These problems seemed to be mostly focused around the trophies for completing the game’s acts, but some have reported glitchy collectible trophies as well. The game doesn’t appear to track collectible progress offline so losing connection has further exacerbated the trophy troubles. Housemarque was not clear on what trophies this update fixes.

Others will probably be more into the changes it makes to Scouts. Scout bodies will now be more frequent around all of the biomes. These bodies let players spend Ether to get equipment or avenge that lost soul for a chance at earning more Ether. However, it was rare to find these dead Scouts, meaning many probably haven’t used this feature.

The other changes were much more minor. Along with various and unnamed crash and bug fixes, this update addressed problems with controller mapping as well as the oddities surrounding the pre-order suit, which are two of the aspects Housemarque said it was aware of.

Returnal update 1.003.003 update patch notes

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an issue where certain Trophies might not unlock under specific gameplay conditions. Note: missing Trophies will need to be replayed to unlock.

  • Multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes/hangs.

  • Fixed issue with pre-order suits occasionally blocking item collection and door opening.

  • Fixed incorrect healing behaviour when resting in Helios.

  • Configuration changes to increase the number of scout corpses available in all biomes.

  • Fixed issues with certain custom controller mappings.

  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements.