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Resident Evil Village: Magnum Ammo recipe

You’ll earn several different weapons as you make your way through Resident Evil Village. The basic handgun and shotgun are well-suited to earlier foes, but the Magnum is the pistol of choice for late-game enemies. The catch is that Magnum ammo is scarce, meaning you’ll need to make sure it’s worth using before you pull the trigger. Luckily, it is possible to make more ammunition using the Magnum ammo recipe.

Resident Evil Village Magnum Ammo Recipe Requirements

Resident Evil Village Magnum Ammo Recipe Requirements

To make Magnum ammo in Resident Evil Village, you need to combine four Gunpowder, four Rusted Scrap, and one Metal Scrap. The Magnum ammo recipe unlocks after beating the main campaign and starting new game plus.

Like other ammo recipes in the game, Magnum ammo relies on both Gunpowder and Rusted Scrap. However, the Magnum ammo recipe has two notable differences from those cheaper recipes: It calls for at least twice as much Gunpowder and Rusted Scrap, and it also requires Metal Scrap.

Resident Evil Village Magnum Ammo Recipe crafting requirements

Metal Scrap, of course, is itself a rare material. Just like with Magnum ammunition, you’re unlikely to find a lot of it in the wild. As such, you’ll be wise to thoroughly explore every part of Village’s semi-open world. The more scrap you find, the more ammunition you can craft.

There is one more catch: You won’t be able to craft your own Magnum ammo during your first playthrough. The recipe only unlocks after beating the main campaign and beginning a new game plus run. The good news is that you’ll be able to keep your existing inventory, including consumable items, when starting new game plus. If you stock up on Metal Scrap early — and avoid using it for explosives — you’ll have more than enough to keep your Magnum fully loaded for your second play through.

The Magnum ammo recipe, like other ammo recipes in Resident Evil Village, calls for Gunpowder and Rusted Scrap. The main difference is that Magnum ammo also requires Metal Scrap. Hopefully you’ve been stockpiling for your inevitable new game plus run. If not, consider buying the infinite ammo upgrade.