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Resident Evil Village: Can the Samurai Edge be upgraded and is it worth using?

The Samurai Edge can be obtained in Resident Evil Village as part of the Trauma Pack DLC. This customized Beretta 92F is the same Samurai Edge – AW Model-01 that appeared as Chris Redfield’s sidearm (and an unlockable) in Resident Evil 7. However, it’s nowhere near as powerful as it is in its previous incarnation. As such, players are wondering if the Duke can upgrade it or whether it’s worth using at all.

Can the Samurai Edge be upgraded in Resident Evil Village, and is it worth using?

Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge Stats

Unfortunately, players can’t upgrade the Samurai Edge in Resident Evil Village. Unlike in Resident Evil 7, the AW Model-01 packs only slightly more of a punch than the base level LEMI pistol. However, unlike the LEMI, the Samurai Edge is stuck at the same stats forever:

  • Power: 110
  • Rate of Fire: 0.4
  • Reload Speed: 2.6
  • Ammo Capacity: 9

For a DLC weapon, that’s pitiful, and it really limits the utility of the gun. Given that people have to pay money for access to the Samurai Edge, it’s kind of sad that it’s so weak that to use it would add to the challenge of the game.

Is the Samurai Edge worth using in Resident Evil Village

The Samurai Edge is only useful during a relatively small part of the game. If the player is going to upgrade the LEMI, it’s not worth picking up at all. However, it does make a decent pistol to use for those who are planning to pick up the 1911 later in the game. Since it’s only 200 Lei, players can sell the LEMI and use it until the 1911 becomes available.

So, really, in a first playthrough, the Samurai Edge is decent for Castle Dimitrescu, but the player can pick up the 1911 directly after leaving that location. In New Game Plus, there’s no reason ever to pick up the Samurai Edge unless players want to ramp up the challenge by using a crappier pistol.