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Resident Evil Village Puppet Hiding Locations: How to find the Angie doll boss

The boss of House Benevieto in Resident Evil Village isn’t the franchise’s typical beast. Instead, players have to match wits with Angie, a puppet controlled by Donna Beneviento, and play a deadly round of hide-and-seek with her. It might seem simple at first, but finding this puppet’s hiding locations takes a sharp pair of eyes, especially given all the other distractions they’ll face during the “fight.”

How to find the House Beneviento Angie puppet hiding locations in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Puppet Locations Angie House Beneviento

After escaping the basement, Ethan will take the elevator back up to the first floor of the Beneviento Estate. At this point, the player probably thinks they’re safe, but that’s not the case. When the elevator finally comes to a stop, players will hear Angie laughing. When Ethan reaches the dining room, a cutscene will play where Donna Beneviento shows up and takes control of Angie. All the dolls in the room will come to life and start trying to carve Ethan up while the puppet begins her game of hide-and-seek.

Finding the puppet’s hiding spots in Resident Evil Village isn’t too arduous. The key is not to get psyched out. The dolls will be laughing, voices will be yelling in Ethan’s head, and the house will be creaking. The big threat here is that if Ethan takes too long to find the puppet, dolls will attack him for minor damage. Unfortunately, this stacks up, and it can be hard to spot Angie with all the distractions.

We found the puppet in these hiding spots. However, be aware, the order of these spots may be randomized:

Second Floor: Bedroom

Resident Evil Village Puppet Hiding Locations Find Angie 1

Angie will be slumped on the floor in front of a dresser.

First Floor: Beside the elevator door

Resident Evil Village Puppet Hiding Locations Find Angie 2

After finding her the first time, players can spot a blood trail on a wall on the first floor heading toward the elevator. The first couple of times we passed by this spot, Angie wasn’t there. So, she may move if players take too long to find her, or they may have to loop around this hallway a certain number of times before she’ll appear.

First Floor: Hallway near the front door

Resident Evil Village Puppet Hiding Locations Find Angie 3

The puppet is easy to spot here, and stabbing her for the third and final time will finally kill her. After this, Ethan is free to grab the second flask and leave the Beneviento Estate.