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How to get the Resident Evil Village Rocket Pistol

There are many fantastic weapons to unlock in the latest Resident Evil game, but by far the hardest to get hold of is the Resident Evil Village Rocket Pistol. It’s the most unassuming-looking but is actually the most powerful weapon in Resident Evil 8, but even fans who have played through RE8 multiple times may not have unlocked it. So how do you get the Resident Evil Village Rocket Pistol?

Where to unlock the Resident Evil Village Rocket Pistol

Resident Evil Village Rocket Pistol

The Resident Evil Village Rocket Pistol can only be unlocked by completing RE8’s hardest difficulty mode, Village of Shadows, and then activating it in the game’s Bonus menu. Once unlocked and activated, it can be purchased from Duke the merchant in any Resident Evil 8 playthrough, including older saves on lower difficulties.

The Rocket Pistol is Resident Evil Village’s homage to the traditional infinite ammo rocket launcher that can be unlocked in previous Resident Evil games by either finishing the highest difficulty level or playing through several times. It holds seven rounds of mini-rockets with a damage level of 500. It’s not the most damaging weapon in the game, but it makes short work of normal enemies and can be used to stun-lock other enemies, similar to Flashbangs.

While the crafting recipe for Rocket Pistol ammo can be bought from Duke, there is also an infinite ammo variant that’s unlocked at the same time. Simply turn this version on in the Bonus menu instead. Sadly, much like the Samurai Edge pistol, the Rocket Pistol has no attachments and cannot be upgraded.

It will be a tough challenge to unlock the Rocket Pistol, so it may be worth checking out what the game’s other pistols are like.

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