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Resident Evil Village Best Pistol: Which handgun should I use?

The pistol will be Ethan’s mainstay throughout Resident Evil Village. Though he gets access to a large arsenal, players will want to find the best handgun in the game since ammo for it is plentiful. Finding the best pistol in Resident Evil Village isn’t simply a matter of choosing which one is strongest. There is economics involved since upgrades cost a lot, especially on weapons unlocked later in the game.

What’s the best handgun in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Best Pistol Handgun


We can go ahead and put one handgun out of running for the best pistol in Resident Evil Village: the Samurai Edge. Unfortunately, even though it’s the coolest-looking pistol in the game, it’s completely unupgradable. So, that leaves a choice between three models:

  • LEMI
  • M1911
  • V61 Custom

We’ll put their full stats below:

Resident Evil Village: LEMI Upgrades

StatLevel 1 (Base)Level 2 UpgradesLevel 3 UpgradesLevel 4 Upgrades
Power130, Base140, 6,000 Lei150, 9,000 Lei160, 12,000 Lei
Rate of Fire0.45, Base0.42, 3,000 Lei0.39, 5,000 Lei0.36, 8,000 Lei
Reload Speed2.7, Base2.5, 2,500 Lei2.3, 4,000 Lei2.2, 7,000 Lei
Ammo Capacity10, Base12, 4,000 Lei14, 6,000 Lei16, 10,000 Lei

Resident Evil Village: M1911 Upgrades

StatLevel 1 (Base)Level 2 UpgradesLevel 3 UpgradesLevel 4 UpgradesLevel 5 Upgrades
Power160, Base170, 10,000 Lei180, 17,000 Lei190, 26,000 Lei200, 40,000 Lei
Rate of Fire0.27, Base0.26, 5,000 Lei0.24, 9,000 Lei0.22, 15,000 Lei0.20, 21,000 Lei
Reload Speed2.9, Base2.7, 3,500 Lei2.5, 8,000 Lei)2.3, 12,000 Lei2, 19,000 Lei
Ammo Capacity7, Base9, 6,000 Lei11, 11,000 Lei13, 18,000 Lei15, 25,000 Lei

Resident Evil Village: V61 Custom Upgrades

StatLevel 1 (Base)Level 2 UpgradesLevel 3 UpgradesLevel 4 UpgradesLevel 5 UpgradesLevel 6 Upgrades
Power200, Base210, 50,000 Lei220, 65,000 Lei230, 80,000 Lei240, 98,000 Lei250, 120,000 Lei
Rate of Fire0.38, Base0.34, 22,000 Lei0.30, 31,000 Lei0.25, 44,000 Lei0.20, 58,000 Lei0.15, 70,000 Lei
Reload Speed3, Base2.7, 17,000 Lei2.4, 26,000 Lei2.2, 38,000 Lei2.0, 51,000 Lei1.8, 64,000 Lei
Ammo Capacity12, Base15, 30,000 Lei18, 42,000 Lei21, 55,000 Lei24, 68,000 Lei27, 80,000 Lei

While the V61 Custom has the best stats when fully upgraded, it’s not the best choice for a first playthrough. The M1911 is as robust at its base level as the LEMI is fully upgraded. It also has the advantage of being an auto-pistol. If players hold the trigger, the gun will continue to fire. Its slow fire rate at its base level makes this a bit awkward, but once it hits level 5, it’s a beast. Paired with the grip and extended magazine, players will have a nice little machine pistol once the M1911 is fully upgraded.

Over multiple playthroughs, it’s worth picking up the V61 Custom. It doesn’t take up much space in an upgraded inventory, and players can throw some cash to upgrade it now and then. Once its stats outmatch the M1911, players can switch over to it and sell the M1911.

So, the best handgun in Resident Evil Village starting out is the M1911. For those who are clearing multiple games, the best pistol will be the V61 Custom (when they can afford the upgrades).