What is The Evil Within 3 release date, is it cancelled, and will it be Xbox exclusive?

Survival horror fans are now turning their collective attention to an Evil Within 3 announcement after finishing Resident Evil Village. Rumors are already circulating about the potential gameplay and story elements, but, more worryingly, there are also mumblings about TEW3 being cancelled or having platform exclusivity. Here’s the latest on a potential The Evil Within 3 release date and if it could be Xbox exclusive or PS5 exclusive at launch.

What is The Evil Within 3 release date?

The Evil Within 3 release date

The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks is hiring for its next project, which could be The Evil Within 3. At the time of writing, there have been no announcements regarding what the project is. As a result, there is no official The Evil Within 3 release date right now.

TEW3 seems like the safest bet for Tango Gameworks’ next title. The series has an established audience and there’s high demand for a sequel, so it’d make sound business sense. Of course, there is also a chance the project could be Ghostwire Tokyo 2 or a new IP.

Will The Evil Within 3 be PS5 exclusive?

It’s highly unlikely that The Evil Within 3 will be exclusive to PS5 and/or PS4 consoles.

Tango Gameworks’ upcoming Ghostwire Tokyo is a limited-time PlayStation 5 exclusive. Microsoft made the decision to honor the existing deal, despite now owning the Evil Within studio thanks to its Zenimax buyout. The chances of Microsoft opting into another such deal while at the helm are basically slim to none.

Will The Evil Within 3 be Xbox exclusive?

Microsoft could choose to make The Evil Within 3 an Xbox console exclusive.

The Xbox manufacturer owns developer Tango Gameworks and can dictate which platforms the studio makes games for. According to Microsoft, future Bethesda games could be timed console exclusives. This means that TEW3 could launch on Xbox and PC, then come to PS5 at a later date.

The Evil Within 3 could also launch straight into the Xbox Game Pass subscription catalog. By comparison, it’d likely cost the full price of admission upon its eventual PlayStation launch.

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