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Biomutant: Which tribe to choose, Jagni or Myriad?

The Biomutant Jagni and Myriad tribes present you with your first major choice in the game, as you’re asked to choose which tribe you wish to ally yourself with and which one will be your rival. This decision happens in the opening of the game, with you then asked to visit your allied tribe, at which point you’ll be able to take your Tribe Weapon and continue on your adventure. But which tribe should you choose in Biomutant in the battle of Jagni vs Myriad?

Jagni or Myriad: Which tribe to choose in Biomutant

The Jagni is the first “Dark” tribe while the Myriad is the “Light” tribe — it’s essentially a case of good vs. bad. Your choice should therefore reflect what kind of playthrough you’re looking to embark on, so you should choose which of the two tribes you wish to align yourself with morally. There is no advantage to choosing either the Jagni or the Myriad, though your decision will determine whether you receive the Googlide or the Mekton as your starting mount.

The Myriad Tribe are described as acting on a code of honor and an understanding of the greater good. They wish to unite the tribes, defeat the Worldeaters, and save the Tree of Life. On the other hand, the Jagni want to be the most feared tribe of all, vanquishing their competitors and letting the Worldeaters destroy the Tree of Life.

While the Jagni and the Myriad both boast their own unique tribe weapons, you will unlock this weapon anyway if you best the other in combat. The Jagni boast a Legendary melee staff as their tribal weapon while the Myriad has a Legendary ranged boomerang, so that could also be a deciding factor for you. However, given that you’ll unlock many more powerful weapons as you continue, the more long-standing ramifications of aligning yourself with a Dark or Light tribe should be the biggest factor in your decision.

Each tribe also has its own respective Sifu, who can accompany you until the end of the game. This Sifu will offer you their own respective worldview when you take down an outpost, and sit on the throne of the vanquished tribe leader when you capture one.

Choosing Jagni or Myriad will also alter which Worldeater you will fight first. While you will eventually fight all Worldeaters regardless of your starting tribe, for the Jagni you will fight the Porky Puff while for the Myriad you will fight the Jumbo Puff. The Porky Puff will require you to build the Googlide, a mount that glides you across the water, while the Jumbo Puff will need the Mekton, a mech that allows you to traverse areas with low oxygen. The Googlide is more frequently used than the Mekton in the game, though you’ll acquire both anyway.

The choice between Jagni or Myriad is mostly down to preference, then. Do you want to be a nihilistic bad guy intent on destroying the world to watch a new one reborn, or a good guy hoping to unite the tribes in a common cause?

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