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Is Eveline in Resident Evil Village?

Eveline seemingly died at the conclusion of Resident Evil 7, but death doesn’t mean the end in this franchise. Many players are wondering just what Eveline’s role in Resident Evil Village is if any. The answer to that quandary, like many in the series, is complicated.

Is Eveline still alive in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Ethan Daddy

Eveline technically survived her “death” in Resident Evil 7 and makes an appearance in Resident Evil Village. The latest game expands on Eveline’s background and narrows down her origin to a sample of mold given to The Connections by Miranda.

Miranda hoped The Connections would be able to use the mold sample from the Megamycete beneath the village to create a BOW that could allow her daughter, Eve, to be reborn. However, for whatever reason, Miranda deemed the E-Series inadequate as a vessel for Eve, and left The Connections to its own devices.

One of the big reveals of Resident Evil Village is that Ethan Winters died at the hands of Jack Baker after the intro section of RE7. However, because the mycete can “remember” the consciousness and form of anything buried in it, Ethan was reborn as a Molded. So, Eveline lives on in him, and by extension, his daughter Rosemary.

Since Rose is a product of the union between a Molded and a human, it seems she inherited many of Eveline’s abilities without her instability. Since Ethan was made up of Eveline’s mycete cells, we can assume that she lives on in Rose. In the epilogue, the agent needles Rose by calling her “Eveline,” which causes her to react angrily. That means there’s likely some sort of deep connection between the two.

It remains to be seen if Rose will manifest any aspects of Eveline’s personality. It’s possible that she’ll be the subject of a future Resident Evil title. However, Capcom hasn’t made any announcements about the next game in the series yet, so we don’t know what Eveline’s ultimate fate is yet.