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How to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako bug

Fortunately, Mass Effect Legendary Edition makes some big improvements to the handling of the M35 Mako. This all-terrain vehicle is invaluable when it comes to exploring uncharted planets, though, originally, it wasn’t easy to control. That’s no longer the case, but the experience still isn’t perfect. A Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako bug can make the targeting reticule disappear, placing Commander Shepard at a huge disadvantage in firefights. So, here’s the need-to-know on a quick and easy solution to the ME Legendary Edition vehicle glitch.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako bug fix

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako bug

To fix the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako bug, simply exit and then re-enter the vehicle. This will bring back the M35 Mako aiming reticle, allowing players to engage in vehicular combat once more.

The Mako targeting system can disappear seemingly at random, often at inopportune moments. It’s the last thing anybody wants to happen while battling a ferocious Thresher Maw… If the worst happens, simply hop out of and then straight back into the M35 Mako. After doing so, the aiming HUD element will return to the screen and players can enter the thick of the fight.

In the original Mass Effect, players would receive XP penalties for engaging enemies using the Mako. Although tactically flawed, users were technically better off jumping out of their vehicle and engaging hostiles on foot. Thankfully, that isn’t the case in Mass Effect Legendary Edition — which is all the more reason to keep that target reticule in full working order!

That isn’t all that’s new in the Mass Effect trilogy remasters, though. Before setting out on the intergalactic adventure, users can choose between Legendary and Classic modes.

Some changes are less positive, however. One piece of DLC is missing from the package, while changes to camera placement are prompting calls of censorship.