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Sombra ‘Catwoman’ skin headlines Overwatch Anniversary event

Overwatch is approaching its fifth birthday and the multiplayer game is once again holding its anniversary event to celebrate. Blizzard has been slowly revealing new costumes and the new Sombra Overwatch skin might be the one designed to go the most viral. The purple-tinged hacker takes on a (legally safe) Catwoman-like look in this new skin, donning the ears and claws of a feline.

The new Overwatch Sombra cat skin

Blizzard revealed this skin in the above tweet. Dubbed “Black Cat Sombra,” this technical whiz is still drenched in purple but has cat ears, a whip, a set of claws, and a superhero-like mask. Given these traits, she bears a resemblance to DC’s Catwoman, especially the one seen in the 1960s live action Batman show. This will likely be one of the Legendary skins in the event, which cost 3,000 credits if players aren’t lucky enough to get one in a loot box and don’t want to wait a full year for the price to drop to 1,000 credits. Despite being the third skin that Blizzard shared, it has the most engagement on Twitter out of the three, showing the internet’s ongoing obsession with cats.

This is the third skin Blizzard has revealed before the event. On Sunday, Blizzard revealed Funky Baptiste, which throws the Haitian medic into a 1970s-era suit with a matching afro. However, the other revealed costume is a little more interesting when paired with Black Cat Sombra. Venus Moira puts the healer into threads made of plants, giving her a Poison Ivy-esque look. With a character that looks like Poison Ivy and another that recalls Catwoman, it seems like Blizzard is unintentionally (or intentionally) channeling DC for its anniversary event.

Blizzard has not revealed much else about the event (although there will be an Overwatch 2 PvP stream on May 20). And while the full suite of costumes won’t be revealed until the Anniversary event start date on May 18, these inspirations will become even more undeniable if there is a Roadhog skin that looks like Bane or a Harley Quinn-like outfit for Mercy.