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Biomutant: Why are my guns and melee weapon attacks so weak?

Biomutant is a game that’s all about the combat, but players are wondering why it feels like their guns, melee, and Psi attacks are too weak and not strong enough. So why are your weapons too weak in Biomutant? Let’s find out.

Why are guns and melee weapon attacks weak in Biomutant?

biomutant weapons guns melee too weak

If your guns and melee weapons feel too weak in Biomutant, there are a number of ways you can improve them. Crafting is the aim of the game, so to make your weapons stronger, make sure you’re gathering and acquiring better parts and accessing the crafting menu for both melee and ranged to increase their stats. You can also visit upgrade benches located in the various villages to further improve your weapons.

Even after doing all this you still feel like your weapons are too weak, make sure you’re using your upgrade points to improve your damage-dealing abilities. It is crucial that you keep on top of these points and spend them to improve your character, as falling behind while still leveling up will ensure that you’re coming up against stronger enemies without the proper toolset to fight them.

If you find that enemies are shrugging off your attacks, make sure you have the correct weapons to take them on. You can check out our guide for dealing with strong enemies right here.

Ultimately, your melee and ranged weapons should feel like they’re getting stronger alongside your character. If this isn’t the case, then there’s either an issue with your weapons or the way that you’ve leveled your character. Make sure you’ve analyzed your damage output and have rectified any issues there before you progress.

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