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ME Legendary Edition: Is there a Mass Effect 2 hide helmet option?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition makes numerous quality of life changes to the classic trilogy. As a result, players are wondering where the Mass Effect 2 hide helmet function is hiding. It must be in there somewhere, right? These are just the kinds of hard edges that the remaster aims to smooth over. Here’s the lowdown on the ME2 hide helmet option in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Is there a Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition hide helmet setting?

Mass Effect 2 hide helmet

Players can hide their helmets in Mass Effect 2 by visiting the Captain’s Cabin, located aboard the Normandy SR-2. Navigate to the top level of Commander Shepard’s spaceship, then interact with the Armor Locker to access the hide helmet option in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

In the previous Mass Effect game, hiding Commander Shepard’s head protection was much simpler. Users could remove their helmets from the pause menu, at any stage during gameplay. It seems somewhat backward that the process is less convenient and more involved in the sequel, but here we are.

Mass Effect 2 introduces a more complex modular armor system, which assigns stats to each piece of headgear. It’s worth noting that hiding the helmet in ME2 is purely cosmetic and doesn’t negate any positive effects. Additionally, be aware that some DLC armor sets don’t allow players to hide their helmets.

Although it’s disappointing to see no effort to streamline the process, ultimately, it’s just a minor gripe. Even with this niggle, the ME2 Legendary Edition remaster is still well worth revisiting. For more on the differences between this new release and the original, check out GameRevolution’s list of the best and worst changes.

Speaking of change, a new Mass Effect Legendary Edition update is out now. The latest patch includes some additional graphics improvements, though, perhaps most importantly, helps to remedy the Xbox Series X crashing issue.