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Is there a Lady Gaga Fortnite concert, skin, and Locker Bundle?

Fortnite frequently collaborates with huge celebrities and entertainment properties, though things could be about to get even bigger. Public court documents reveal that Epic Games want to collab with pop star Lady Gaga on an in-game concert. But, will the Lady Gaga Fortnite performance really happen? Will the crossover also include a Lady Gaga skin and/or Locker Bundle? Here’s the latest on Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta appearing in Epic’s popular battle royale title.

Is Lady Gaga coming to Fortnite?

Lady Gaga Fortnite concert, skin, Locker Bundle

Epic Games wants to host an in-game Lady Gaga Fortnite concert. If the live performance goes ahead, it’s possible that a Fortnite Lady Gaga skin and Locker Bundle could also hit the Item Shop.

Due to the ongoing Epic vs. Apple lawsuit, previously confidential documents are releasing to the public. One of these contains details on several potential crossovers, including a Fortnite x Lady Gaga collab. The document (dating to June 2020) reveals plans for a Lady Gaga Fortnite live event late last year. That didn’t pan out, though it isn’t yet clear if the performance is no longer happening or has just been postponed.

Live performances are nothing new to Fortnite, which often attracts some big-name talent. In some cases, these collaborations don’t stop at just a live in-game event. As an example, the Travis Scott x Fortnite crossover gave fans both a performance and a skin depicting the American rap artist. Owing to that fact, it’s very possible that a Lady Gaga Fortnite skin could eventually be purchasable with V-Bucks in the Item Shop.

The last possibility is a Lady Gaga Fortnite Locker Bundle. Rather than receiving exclusive cosmetics, some celebs craft their own item bundles that can then be bought by fans. Notable examples so far include the Brie Larson bundle, plus two upcoming bundles relating to NBA athletes Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young.