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How to fix Knockout City ‘Redemption Error’ message

Knockout City features an in-game code redemption feature allowing players to unlock exclusive items. It’s a great way to reward users with cool cosmetics, but a Knockout City redeem code issue is causing problems. Here’s what to do after receiving the “Redemption Error: There was an error redeeming the code” notification.

Knockout City Redeem Code: ‘Redemption Error’ message fix

Knockout City redeem code redemption error

After receiving the Knockout City “Redemption Error” pop-up, carefully check that all 20 characters within the key have been input correctly. If there are no errors, then the redeem code may have expired or already apply to the account.

It’s also possible that server issues could cause Knockout City redemption errors. In order to ensure that this isn’t the cause of the problem, visit @knockoutcity on Twitter to check for the latest status updates. If there are ongoing issues, simply wait for a resolution before trying to redeem the code again.

Knockout City codes are available from a variety of popular content creators and via social media. The redeemable keys grant players exclusive cosmetics for free, so watching streamers can pay off big time. Of course, since there can be a time investment to getting the codes this error is especially frustrating. Fortunately then, as detailed above, there are quick and easy Knockout City “Redemption Error” solutions.

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