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How to fix Knockout City crashing on Xbox

Knockout City is a fun new multilayer game centering around dodgeball. Although, it’d be far more enjoyable if Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users weren’t encountering frequent crashes. Is there a Knockout City crashing on Xbox fix for affected players? Here’s the latest on a solution, straight from developer Velan Studios’ mouth.

Knockout City Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One crashing fix

Knockout City crashing Xbox Series X S One fix

Velan Studios is aware of the Knockout City Xbox crashing glitch and currently working on a fix. Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Knockout City players need to sit tight, as the crash bug solution will arrive in a future game update.

The dev team acknowledged this issue on Twitter and plans to update the thread with more details in due course. Velan Studios’ post is worth bookmarking to be the first to hear about a Knockout City Xbox crashing patch release date. Since the update has been in the works for a few days now, hopefully, it won’t be long until launch.

Although Knockout City Xbox crashes are a known issue, it might currently be worth trying some general fixes. It can’t hurt while waiting on the new game update, right? Firstly, be sure to download and install the latest Knockout City patch before launching the title. If the game is already up to date, delete it from the console and perform a fresh install. Sometimes, files can become corrupted and redownloading solves the problem.

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