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Biomutant: Who plays the Narrator and who is the voice actor?

Biomutant heavily features a heavily British narrator, guiding players along its adventure throughout the game. But who is the voice actor who plays the Narrator, and is the Narrator a character in the game’s story? Let’s take a look.

— Story spoilers follow —

Who is the Narrator’s voice actor in Biomutant?

The narrator in Biomutant is voiced by David Shaw Parker, who has previously worked on other games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and on movies like Muppet’s Christmas Carol as Joe the Spider.

While some have questioned whether it’s the same voice actor as seen in The Stanley Parable or even LittleBigPlanet, David Shaw Parker hasn’t had any other major video game roles, with this certainly being his most prominent turn so far.

Is the Narrator a character in Biomutant’s story?

biomutant who is the narrator voice actor character

The Narrator is revealed to be the character Mirage in Biomutant. In a scene in the later stages of the game, Mirage is shown to be the character behind the exceptionally British voice.

This makes partial sense considering the mysterious beast is the one who follows you throughout the game, though does raise further questions. Given that the mutants in Biomutant all speak their own language — referred to as “gibberish” — why is Mirage the only character who can speak English? Does this open up the possibility that he has closer ties to the civilization that came before the mutants, or does he know more about the ancient world than the Narrator lets on?

Mirage being the Narrator occurs in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, with Biomutant not returning to that plot thread after the reveal is made. If a sequel is to happen, could the Narrator be one of the pieces that tie this mutated world to the one that was left behind? Given the mixed critical reception, we’ll have to wait and see if its sales justify the creation of a follow-up.