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What’s in Dying Light Platinum Edition and how to upgrade

With hype for Dying Light 2 building, many players are looking back toward the series’ initial outing. As luck would have it, developer Techland has just released Dying Light Platinum Edition, the ultimate version of the original game. Like with most modern-era bundles, this new release includes a host of DLC, skins, and other bonus content. Here’s a look at everything included with Dying Light Platinum Edition and the upgrade options available to those on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

What’s in Dying Light Platinum Edition? Full DLC list

What's in Dying Light Platinum Edition? Full DLC list

Dying Light Platinum Edition contains the base game as well as every major DLC pack ever released for Dying Light. Altogether, the list of content includes four major DLC expansions as well as 17 different cosmetic bundles.

Here’s all of the core content included in the Platinum Edition:

  • Dying Light (base game)
  • The Following
  • Cuisine and Cargo
  • Bozak Horde mode
  • Be The Zombie mode
  • Hellraid mode

And here are all of the cosmetic bundles, skin packs, and other DLC bundles offered in Platinum Edition:

  • 5th Anniversary Bundle
  • Classified Operation Bundle
  • Crash Teset Skin Pack
  • Godfather Bundle
  • Gun Psycho Bundle
  • Harran Inmate Bundle
  • Harran Tactical Unit Bundle
  • Rais Elite Bundle
  • Harran Ranger Bundle
  • Retro wave Bundle
  • Shu Warrior Bundle
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  • Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle
  • Vintage Gunslinger Bundle
  • Volatile Hunter Bundle
  • Volkan Combat Armor Bundle
  • White Death Bundle

Together, these bundles represent everything that was introduced into Dying Light since its launch back in 2015. It’s an especially good value for players who missed the Season Pass the first time around, as the pass introduced several new maps and gameplay modes.

How to upgrade Dying Light Platinum Edition PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

As you may have noticed, there are no current-generation console versions of Dying Light Platinum Edition. The game is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One without any sort of planned upgrade feature. Thankfully, that’s not to say that the game’s Platinum Edition isn’t playable on current-generation hardware.

While there’s no PS5 or Series X|S version, you can still play Dying Light Platinum Version on current-gen consoles. The PlayStation 4 version is fully playable on PS5, and the Xbox One version is fully playable on both the Series X and Series S. PC players won’t need any upgrade options, of course, though they will need to decide between buying the game on Steam or GOG.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to upgrade to Platinum Edition from the base version of Dying Light, either. If you want the full collection with all the DLC added, you’ll need to purchase the new set. Thankfully, it’s released with a steep launch discount, bringing the total package down to just $25 for a limited time. That’s not a bad price for every piece of content ever released for Dying Light. If you’re also interested in the upcoming release, check out the game’s collector’s edition with zombie statue and UV light.