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Biomutant Mekton Upgrades: All Wrekbox locations

One of the best pieces of tech in Biomutant is the Mekton. Not only does this mech look cool, but it can also help you survive in dangerous areas. Best of all, it’s possible to find Mekton upgrades that allow you to alter the machine’s appearance. These upgrades are acquired by finding Wrekboxes scattered all across the land. Here’s a look at all Wrekbox locations you need to find to unlock each Mekton upgrade.

Biomutant Mekton Upgrades: Cosmetic Alteration

Biomutant Mekton Upgrades: Cosmetic Alteration

The Mekton in Biomutant can be upgraded by finding Wrekboxes. These boxes are scattered in random locations, and they each contain a number of random parts. You’re not guaranteed any specific upgrade from any specific Wrekbox. However, you will find upgrades of one of seven different types:

  • Head
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Torso
  • Abdomen
  • Legs
  • Feet

Again, each of the upgrades will be granted randomly. All you need to do in order to unlock them all is to find and open all 14 Wrekboxes. Fortunately, most of them aren’t very hard to find: You simply need to follow the map markers. However, their specific locations can be tough to judge based on the map alone. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Also worth remembering: These upgrades don’t increase the Mekton’s capabilities. For better or worse, they’re entirely cosmetic.

All Mekton Wrekbox Locations in Biomutant

All Mekton Wrekbox Locations in Biomutant

Mekton Wrekboxes in Biomutant are spread all across the map, typically being found in dangerous areas. Five of them are required to unlock the Hammertime achievement, while you’ll need to find all 14 if you want to completely upgrade your Mekton.

Wrekbox #1

The first Wrekbox is just a short ways south of Fluff Hulk Nest in Sector 3E. You’ll find it right off the beaten path during the Skronk Salvage quest. Just be careful not to asphyxiate out in the wastes — here’s what to do if the Mekton won’t spawn.

Wrekbox #2

You’ll have to venture back into the Deadzone to find this Wrekbox, which is sitting exposed north of Citiscenario in Sector 6C.

Wrekbox #3

The next Wrekbox is outside the Fuoho building in a parking lot on the south side of Munchouse in Sector 6C.

Wrekbox #4

This Wrekbox is not far from the previous two, hanging out in the area of Bangshelter 7B. This time, it’s indoors — look for it inside the shelter itself.

Wrekbox #5

Another Wrekbox is west of Bangshelter 7B over at Brickbrack 7B. You’ll have to abandon your Mekton and head upstairs to find it.

Wrekbox #6

From the previous boxes, head north toward Shopperia 7A to find another Wrekbox near a destroyed wall. Beware of the enemies in the area.

Wrekbox #7

One Wrekbox is sitting inside a totally ruined building at Brickbrack 7C. There’s nothing else in the area, so you can’t miss it.

Wrekbox #8

Another Wrekbox is found around Grottu southwest of Bionucleus 8C. It’s inside a cave filled with high-level enemies.

Wrekbox #9

This one is a bit easier: There’s a Wrekbox sitting in the middle of the road directly outside Bio Nucleus 8C. The catch is that the area is irradiated, which spells doom for players without healing items on-hand.

Wrekbox #10

There’s yet another Wrekbox to be found outside of Bio Nucleus 8C. It’s in a partially destroyed building in the ruins northeast of the reactor.

Wrekbox #11

Probably the most well-guarded Wrekbox in Biomutant can be found within Shop-Shop 8B. It won’t be hard to find, but you will need to fend off a group of hostiles to reach it.

Wrekbox #12

The most difficult to obtain Wrekbox is the one near Holesome. The map marker makes it seem close to Plank-Place, but the box is actually found underground. To reach it, head to Plank-Place, then search for a building with stairs leading downstairs.

Wrekbox #13

Among the last Wrekboxes you’ll find is the one inside the Fluff Hulk Nest in Sector 3G. Be aware that you will very likely have to fight the Fluff Hulk inside.

Wrekbox #14

The final Wrekbox is sitting out in the open out at Pokburr. It can be found on a small island outside Surfipelago in Sector 3D.

If you’ve followed this guide closely, you should now have all Mekton upgrades in Biomutant. Tracking down each and every Wrekbox can be a bit of a chore, but it’s all in the name of stomping across the wasteland in style. If you want something a bit more traditional, here’s how to unlock the Mekamjut mechanical horse.