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Biomutant: How to get mechanical horse Mekamjut

There are several cool mounts in Biomutant, but there’s something especially rad about the mechanical horse. This Old World Mekamjut looks every bit as rugged as the scrap its built out of, which is to say it’s perfectly suited to the game’s world. Of course, you’ll have to do a bit of work before you can unlock the mechanical horse for personal use.

How to get the mechanical horse Mekamjut in Biomutant

How to get the mechanical horse Mekamjut in Biomutant

The Mekamjut, the mechanical horse in Biomutant, is acquired during a series of quests for Noko. One of Noko’s tasks involves finding a Sit-tight on an Old World Mekamjut. After finding the mount and solving the Rotation puzzle, you’ll get to summon the mechanical horse whenever you like.

The option to unlock Mekamjut isn’t available at the start of the game, but otherwise, you can’t really miss it. Out-of-Date will introduce you to Noko on the path to the Northeastern Worldeater. He’ll mention a friend who is searching for an escaped steed, cluing you in to the chance to earn a new mount.

Meet up with Noko

It all kicks off with the mission called The Gnoatgroomer. Follow Out-of-Date’s tip to the waypoint out in the Yerpfields and meet up with Noko. She’ll explain how her precious Mjut escaped, and is now assumed to be hiding in a nearby meadow. The beast isn’t too hard to find: Simply follow the map marker, then take out the enemies in the area.

After the foes have been vanquished, the Mjut will follow you back to Noko’s place. Be careful, as you’ll be ambushed by a Flatt on the way back. Once you arrive, Noko will give you quests to track down a few items: A Bon-Bon Gummy, a Sit-tight, and some Glittermoths.

Locate the Mekamjut

The second of these quests will take you directly to the mechanical horse mount. The Sit-tight Noko mentions is sitting on top of a Makemjut located over at the Smilo Shopperia.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to find. The Mekamjut is sitting on the ground floor of the abandoned store, not too far away from the front counter. You can’t miss it: It’s the giant horse made of spare metal parts.

Solve the Rotation puzzle

You’re almost done. Before you can take the Sit-tight, you need to solve a Rotation puzzle. You’ve likely encountered a few of these before, so it shouldn’t prove to be a challenge, especially if you’ve invested in Intellect. Simply rotate the pieces until the orange and white pieces are in the proper alignment.

Once the Rotation Puzzle has been solved, the Mekamjut will kneel so you can remove its Sit-tight. Pull it off, and the mechanical horse will be yours to summon as you please. Feel free to ride it back to Noko’s place to complete the Home Sweet Home Again quest. After that, you can summon it just like any other mount.

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