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Are Biomutant miscellaneous items safe to sell or scrap?

There’s a lot of stuff to uncover in the world of Biomutant, but not all of it is useful. Sure, there are weapons and mounts hiding all around, but the world is practically littered with miscellaneous items that ultimately take up inventory space. Naturally, there’s one question on players’ minds: Is it safe to sell or scrap miscellaneous items? Or could they serve some important function later in the game?

Is it safe to sell or scrap Biomutant miscellaneous items?

Is it safe to sell or scrap Biomutant miscellaneous items?

It is completely safe to sell or scrap miscellaneous items in Biomutant. Miscellaneous items are little more than junk items whose primary purpose is to be sold or dismantled for scrap resources. None of them are required for quests or for story progression.

Considering that these items are defined as miscellaneous, it’s safe to assume their functions are unimportant. Plus, as you probably expect, many RPGs contain numerous junk items that are little more than shop fodder to make a quick buck. For better or worse, miscellaneous items in Biomutant are no different — except that it’s perhaps a bit more believable that little mutated monsters would actually rely on junk bartering.

However, it is worth considering whether an item you no longer need should be sold or scrapped. Most base-level items are practically worthless, existing only to be sold. Others, however, are more valuable for the resources they provide when scrapping. Thankfully, this rule applies more to weapons and gear than the random items you’ll find littered about the world.

Don’t worry: If it’s classified as a miscellaneous item in Biomutant, it’s safe to sell or scrap. No junk items are required for quests or story progression, at least not in the base version of the game. Sell it to make some easy Green, or scrap it if you could use the extra resources. For even more helpful hints, check out our guide on how to swim longer, or how to dual-wield guns and melee weapons.