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Biomutant: How to fix Mekton not spawning

You’re going to come across a few interesting pieces of technology as you explore the world of Biomutant. Some of the game’s items are vehicles that can be summoned when and where you need them, like the Mekton. However, a few players are encountering an issue where the Mekton is not spawning as intended. As it turns out, there’s a simple reason why the Mekton won’t spawn in certain locations.

How to fix Mekton not spawning in Biomutant

How to fix Mekton not spawning in Biomutant

If Mekton is not spawning in Biomutant, you need to try again in a different area. The Mekton will only spawn in the Deadzone, and only if there’s an adequate amount of open space nearby.

Like other ready-to-summon vehicles in Biomutant, Mekton is limited in use to a specific location. If it won’t spawn, that’s either because you’re trying to spawn it in the wrong location, or there isn’t enough room for it to spawn. However, some players have reported that it simply doesn’t want to spawn anywhere, regardless of where they try.

It’s not entirely clear what causes this issue to arise. Members of the Biomutant subreddit have mentioned the Mekton model being absent during a prior cutscene, which could indicate some sort of bug beyond a visual glitch. Others merely had to keep attempting to spawn the Mekton until it finally worked.

The only common factor with this issue is location. The Mekton is not supposed to spawn in areas outside the Deadzone, so if you try, it will fail. Once you’re within the Deadzone, you need to make sure you’re out in the open. The Mekton cannot spawn in indoor environments, or in close quarters outside. Make sure there’s enough room around you to actually fit the thing before trying to summon it.

Basically, if the Mekton isn’t spawning, it’s because it’s not supposed to spawn in that location. Move to somewhere in the Deadzone with adequate open space, and it should spawn as intended.

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