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Is there a Far Cry 6 male protagonist option?

Ubisoft recently blew the lid on Far Cry 6 gameplay, showcasing female protagonist Dani Rojas causing havoc around the fictional island of Yara. That left some players wondering if there might also be the option to choose a male leading character in FC6. But, is there a Far Cry 6 male protagonist option? Here’s the need-to-know info on choosing protag gender in Ubisoft’s upcoming FPS game.

Far Cry 6 Dani Rojas: Can the protagonist be male?

Far Cry 6 male protagonist

Yes, Far Cry 6 protagonist Dani Rojas can be male.

At the start of Far Cry 6, players can choose whether to play as a male or female version of the main character. It doesn’t appear that players will be able to choose a non-binary gendered protagonist in FC6 at this stage.

Far Cry 6 marketing materials feature the female version of Dani Rojas, though the game doesn’t lock players into this choice. It’s a similar situation to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla; marketing for that Ubisoft game depicts a female Eivor, but players can make the lead male if they so choose.

According to Bloomberg, developers within Ubisoft are lobbying for more female representation within the company’s games. Although some titles are now pushing leading ladies, many take issue with the fact players can simply opt out of the role. Player choice is generally a good thing, yet there’s an argument to make for interchangeable protagonists being detrimental to the (still dark and zany) narrative. Of course, there’s also representation within the medium to consider as well.

Regardless of where individuals fall in that debate, Far Cry 6 does have male and female protagonist options. In FC6, users are free to choose which Dani Rojas character model they wish to control.

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