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Miitopia: How to control party members

Miitopia is a wacky Switch RPG that originally appeared on Nintendo 3DS. After playing for a little while, many newcomers and veterans alike wonder how to control party members in Miitopia. So, is it possible? Is there a way for players to take control of allied team members? Here’s the lowdown on issuing party commands in the highly customizable Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite RPG.

Are party members controllable in Miitopia?

Miitopia control party members

Miitopia players can customize their party to control how allies behave during battles. It is not possible to directly control teammates in Miitopia on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, however.

Team members in Miitopia automatically make choices during combat. Each character’s job role dictates how they behave in battle; offensive allies will prioritize using abilities to damage enemies, meanwhile supporting teammates will aim to heal the party members. As a result, it’s possible to indirectly control ally party members in Miitopia by selecting different character classes.

Check out this Miitopia jobs list to learn about every assignable class in the game. Experimenting with different teammate loadouts is the best way to control allies in battle, if indirectly. Though it isn’t possible to directly control party members in Miitopia on Switch, dictating job roles does allow players a degree of control over how they behave.

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