Nintendo Switch Pro Specs: Will it do 4K?

Rumors of an impending Nintendo Switch Pro reveal has fans guessing at the system’s specs. Although the Switch Pro is assumed to be a mid-life update, as opposed to an entirely new console, many hope that it’ll contain more powerful hardware that’ll allow it to display in 4K when docked. We haven’t had confirmation on the Switch Pro’s specs or even its existence, but we can make some speculations on what it may look like.

Will the Switch Pro’s specs allow it to display in 4K?

Should I wait for the Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo could be taking several approaches to designing the Switch Pro that could allow it to display 4K when docked. The chipset in the system itself could be powerful enough to push the higher resolution, or a new dock could contain hardware that boosts the console’s performance.

Right now, the Switch tops out at 1080p, which lags behind Microsoft and Sony’s consoles. Even with a refreshed design, the Switch Pro likely won’t be as powerful as even the PS4 and Xbox One due to its need to balance power demands in portable mode against performance. However, it may be using a technology that PC gamers have had access to for a few years: DLSS. Since an NVIDIA SoC powers the Switch, Nintendo may be planning to leverage DLSS to achieve 4K on the Switch Pro.

While the Switch Pro will likely target 4K when docked, the portable display will be 720p or 1080p. It’s been rumored that Nintendo is sourcing mini-LCD or OLED screens for the new model, which may lead to power savings and better battery life. One of the biggest criticisms of the console is the short time between charges, so any improvement there would be welcome.

If Nintendo plans to reveal the Switch Pro, it’ll likely happen soon. A Nintendo Direct is scheduled to take place at E3, and we’d bet Nintendo will show its cards around that time.