Batman: Arkham Knight Gadget List

Gadget List


"Your signature weapon. Stun unaware enemies or knock down up to three enemies at once while engaged in combat."

Remote Controlled Batarang

"Highly maneuverable Batarang that can be controlled after release. Used to hit switches and objects that are out of reach."


"Remotely sabotage a variety of enemy weapons and equipment. Can also be used to tag and track vehicles."


"Fires a claw-like projectile that latches onto out of reach objects and pulls them towards you. Can be used during combat to destabilize enemies."

Smoke Pellet

"Flood an area with disorienting smoke to take down enemies in the confusion, or use to escape when under fire."

Remote Hacking Device

"Gain access to restricted areas or activate equipment remotely. Upgraded for use on militia drone units, to temporarily prevent them detecting Batman."

Batmobile Remote

"Remotely synchronize with the vehicle's combat and guidance systems to engage enemies or navigate terrain."

Voice Synthesizer

"Imitate vocal signatures to bypass voice recognition securities or to issue orders to enemies wearing headsets. Select targets through walls using detective mode."

Remote Electrical Charge

"Fires an electrical charge which can power up or shut down generators. Enemies can be targeted to administer a localized, non-lethal electrical shock."

Explosive Gel

"A quasi-solid explosive used to temporarily incapacitate enemy targets, or explode through structural weaknesses."

Line Launcher

"Traverse areas horizontally at speed or create a perch high above the city streets. Fire again while riding to change course without dropping to the ground."