Batman: Arkham Knight [SIDE MISSION] Riddler’s Revenge GUIDE (VIDEOS & PICS)

This Most Wanted Side Mission becomes available after completing Chapter 1 and completing the first mission at the Orphanage in Chapter 3. Puzzle 6 and up can't be completed until after lowering bridges to Founder's Island in Chapter 5.

GAMER NOTE: These puzzles will be different during the New Game + play through

​GAMER TIP: Many of the riddler puzzles throughout Gotham may require the use of the Batmobile and the voice synthesizer which you will not acquire until Chapter 7. I would recommend waiting to start completing Riddler's Revenge until after getting the voice synthesizer as that can complicate solving many of the puzzles.


PUZZLE # 1 -  Bleake Island - The Cauldron

You will need to finish three laps of Riddler's adaptive race course under certain time limits in order to have access to the puzzle to get the next key. 

See key location in video above @ 6:00

PUZZLE # 2 - Bleake Island - Chinatown

See key location in video above starting @ 3:54


PUZZLE # 3 - Miagani Island - Pinkney's Orphanage (multiple)

Mini-Puzzle # 1 - In the front room of the orphanage you'll need to hit the small question marks on the door to the main room in order to turn circles on the floor to create a bigger question mark and than scan it to solve the puzzle.

Mini-Puzzle # 2 (in video above @ 1:55) - Place Batman on the first pressure button and Catwoman on the second pressure button. Once you do that a set of 5 question marks will appear for both of them and you'll have to use the batarang and the whip to hit them in a specific order. 

Batman - 3,1,4,5,2

Catwoman - 1,3,5,2,4


PUZZLE # 4 - Miagani Island - Bristol

See key location in video above starting @ 4:48


PUZZLE # 5 - Miagani Island - Kingston

See key location in video above starting @ ​2:30


PUZZLE # 5 (Continued) - Miagani Island - Pinkney's Orphanage​ 

Refer to the video for the beginning of puzzle solution # 5 at the 5 minute mark to see a video of the solution to the puzzle.

The main goal of this puzzle is to coordinate Batman and Catwoman's varying weights on the riddler floor buttons as an electrical pulse makes it's way through the moveable tubes.

Step 1 - move Batman to the pressure button the far left and hit the bottom of thew question mark on the left wall with a batarang to get the electrical pulse going. 

Step 2 - Move Catwoman to the second pressure button.

Step 3 - Once the pulse is passed the tube Batman moved, move him to the third pressure button.

Step 4 - When the electrical charge passes Catwoman move her to the third switch wth Batman so the tube can catch the electrical charge as it moves back in the direction it came from.

Step 5 - After the electrical charge passes the tube lifted by Batman and Catwoman move Batman to the second pressure button.

Step 6 - When the electrical charge passes Catwoman move her to the first pressure button.

Step 7 - When the electrical charge passes Batman, move him to the first pressure pad with Catwoman to complete the puzzle.


PUZZLE # 6 - Founder's Island - Otisburg by Divinity Church 

GAMER NOTE: You must complete half of Chapter 5 in order to lower the bridges to Founder's Island because the Batmobile is necessary for this mission.

See key location in video above starting @ ​7:16


PUZZLE # 7 - Miagani Island - Pinkney's Orphanage

GAMER TIP: Batman and Catwoman are split up again and in order to complete the puzzle you will need to follow the path as on the giant question marks in each room. The path for each character will be laid out in the other characters room, showing which electrified panels are safe to walk on.


PUZZLE # 8 - Miagani Island - Kingston (VIDEO COMING SOON)

Another race course but it is much more difficult than the previous ones so be extra vigilant. 





In order to gain access to this puzzle you need to retreive the remote electrical charge gun from the GCPD evidence room, it's the only display you can break. It is possible to do this early after dropping Ivy off in the begining but if you do it after advancing further in the game someone else will be waiting there to see you.

There are multiple ways to solve some of the laser puzzles. Basically the main goal is to move the blocks so the lasers hit empty space. 

CAUTION: After solving each round of puzzles the razor blades will attempt to kill Catwoman so move her to safety immeditaely after finishing each one by having her jump to the ceiling.


# 1 - LASER ON B2
- Catwoman @ A1 repel generator A

- Catwoman @ C2 attract generator 2
# 2 - LASER ON A1 & D3
- Repel 1st generator

- Catwoman @ E2 attract 2nd generator

- Catwoman @ D4 attract generator D
# 3 - LASER ON C5 & E5
- Catwoman @ B3 repel 3rd generator

- attract generator 1, C, & E



After rescuing Catwoman you'll have to face off with the Riddler in a giant mech suit. You cannot fight him because of a force field and instead have to fight his robots. Once this is done he informs you that in order to fight him one-on-one you'll have to find all of his trophies scattered through gotham. You can interrogate Riddler thugs who are highlighted in green to get the exact location of riddles/trophies throughout the city. There are nearly 300 all together. 

Once you've completed all of the challenges and found all the trophies you'll be able to come back thte orphange and takeout Riddler.