Apple iOS 15: What is SharePlay?

Apple has formally revealed iOS 15, the latest in its line of mobile operating systems. One of the biggest features of iOS 15 is called SharePlay, and it’s arguably the perfect feature for a modern world. Still, a lot of iPhone users may not know exactly what this feature is meant to achieve. What is SharePlay, and what does it do? Keep reading to find out.

iOS 15: What is SharePlay?

iOS 15: What is SharePlay?

SharePlay is a new iOS 15 feature that allows users to play and share music, movies, and TV shows with friends. Video chat, screen sharing, and even streaming media parties are all possible through SharePlay.

In a nutshell, this feature is meant to help iPhone and iPad users connect with one another. The COVID-19 pandemic changed how a lot of us communicate, and given that physical gatherings have been discouraged, many took to the internet for a solution. Eventually, services like Google Meet and Zoom became the go-to for work meetings or just hanging with friends.

SharePlay shares many features with those services, but is much broader in scope. Instead of mere video conferencing, this iOS feature allows users to effectively share and play anything they want. As an example, it can be used for simple things like sharing music with a friend. Even better, you can watch their response in real-time, same as you could with a regular FaceTime call.

SharePlay also supports a variety of streaming media services. Disney Plus, HBO Max, Twitch, and Hulu can all be streamed, allowing friends to get together to watch their favorite shows and movies. The system works a lot like group streaming on Disney Plus, where people join into a virtual room to watch the same content. The difference is that SharePlay works through FaceTime, which will soon officially support both PC and Android devices.

Put simply, SharePlay in iOS 15 is an easy way for friends to connect, video chat, share music, and watch streaming media together. It’s much more than a simple telecommunication service — it’s a full-fledged media sharing app. The only catch is that you’ll need an iOS 15 compatible device in order to enjoy it.