Disney Plus Device Limit | How many can watch at once?

Loads of people are signing up for Disney Plus thanks to the service’s growing catalog of hot movies and exclusive shows. And in many cases, those who subscribe eventually wind up sharing their account with friends and family. However, while several profiles can be created per account, not all of them will be able to stream video at the same time. How many Disney Plus users can watch at once? What is the device limit for simultaneous streams?

How many devices can watch Disney Plus at once?

How many devices can watch Disney Plus at once?

Disney Plus allows subscribers to watch streaming content on up to four different devices at once. This device limit exists no matter how many different profiles are created under the account. However, up to six people can watch the same stream by using Disney Plus GroupWatch.

The Disney Plus device limit only counts toward unique streams on separate devices. Each Disney Plus account can use up to seven different profiles, which should be enough to share the service with close friends and family. With a valid user name and password, they’ll all be able to download the app, log in, and start watching. The only catch is that no more than four of them will be able to stream different content at once.

Interestingly, the device limit for Disney Plus is higher than many of its rivals. For example, Hulu subscribers can only watch on two devices at a time, while Amazon Prime Video only allows up to three simultaneous streams. Netflix members can watch on up to four screens at once, but only if they pay more for the premium subscription tier.

How many can watch with Disney Plus GroupWatch?

The only exception to this device limit comes with Disney Plus GroupWatch, which launched late last year. As the name implies, GroupWatch allows users to watch Disney Plus content with a group of up to six friends. The difference here is that all six of those users would be watching the same stream; they would not be able to view separate content.

It’s a nifty feature, though, and it has one major perk: GroupWatch is available inside or outside of the DisneyPlus app. By logging in to the website, subscribers only need to open the content they want to stream, then tap the Invite button. After that they’ll be given a link that can be opened by any other subscriber. The link can be opened on just about any PC, smart phone, tablet, or streaming device. Communication options are fairly limited, but it’s still a simple way to get together with friends.

If you plan to share Disney Plus with friends and family, remember that there’s a four device limit. Though you can have up to seven profiles, only four people will be able to watch at once. The only exception is for GroupWatch streams, which allows up to six viewers to watch a single video.