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Does Chivalry 2 beta progress carry over?

Chivalry 2 has finally arrived, giving hack-and-slash fans a chance for even more medieval multiplayer madness. For some, the experience will entirely fresh. However, loads of players jumped into the game’s beta test to get an early look at the action. This naturally raises one very obvious question. Does Chivalry 2 beta progress carry over into the full release, or will you have to start a new save file from scratch?

Does Chivalry 2 beta progress carry over into the full game?

Does Chivalry 2 beta progress carry over into the full game?

Unfortunately, Chivalry 2 beta progress does not carry over into the full version of the game. The developers at Torn Banner have confirmed that all player progress from the beta will be reset when Chivalry 2 launches on June 8.

Naturally, this may upset a few fans who slashed away diligently during the beta phase. After all, some players feel like a beta is just an early segue into the full release. If nothing major has changed between then and now, why shouldn’t progress carry over?

Well, the whole point of a beta test is to hammer out any issues that may arise before the full launch. In the case of games, those issues often result in significant code changes. And, as the story often goes, even a few code changes can make your progress or save file completely incompatible with future versions of the game.

Whatever the case may be with Chivalry 2, one thing is for sure: Beta progress does not carry over. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to start over from scratch with the full version of the game. Looking on the bright side, you won’t install your brand-new game to find that all of its content is already unlocked. Unfortunately, you will have to reclaim all of your hard-earned loot from the beta period.

Chivalry 2 may have launched as a timed Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, but players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles can enjoy the game’s cross-platform multiplayer right now.