E3 2019 | Chivalry 2 trailer revealed and it’s a timed Epic Store exclusive

A new trailer for Chivalry 2 was revealed during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019, with the game being announced during the show today, along with the reveal that it will be a timed Epic Store exclusive.

According to developer Torn Banner Studios, the game will focus on team objectives which will allow players to storm castles, raid villages, and cleave one another with a series of ultra-sharp, ultra-violent weapons.

The original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was a big hit, and Chivalry 2 leans heavily into the hilarity of the first game. Taking its cues from Monty Python, Torn Banner Studios explained that it knows much of audience “plays the game drunk,” so the sequel will let you pull off weird and wonderful actions such as “beating an enemy with a chicken while quoting Shakespeare.”

Torn Banner revealed that it has increased the Chivalry 2 player count by around “two and half times” more than the previous game, with the studio also adding horses into the fray. This will add another dimension to battles, allowing players to take on one another while on horseback.

While Chivalry 2 will eventually launch on Steam, it will remain an Epic Store exclusive for an undisclosed period of time following its launch. It has a vague 2020 release window, meaning that it could launch at any point next year.

The game was revealed during the PC Gaming Show, which was sponsored by Epic Games and therefore featured a myriad of Epic Store exclusive and timed exclusives.

The first Chivalry 2 trailer can be viewed below: