Can you remove iOS 15 beta without a computer?

Want to know how to remove the iOS 15 beta without a computer? The latest iOS version was revealed earlier this week with many great new features and Apple already has a beta for users to try, but many people may want to do an iOS 15 beta uninstall with just their iPhone or iPad. Is it possible to get rid of the iOS 15 beta without a PC or Mac? Let’s take a look.

How to remove iOS 15 beta without a PC or Mac

How to remove iOS 15 beta without computer

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the iOS beta without any sort of computer. If the user resets their iPhone or iPad to factory settings with a clean install then the version of iOS is still installed, everything else has just been removed. There is no way to return to iOS 14 settings, photos, apps, etc. without the help of a PC or Mac.

To remove the iOS 15 beta with a computer, connect it to a PC/Mac, making sure to backup anything that needs to be kept, and enter recovery mode — by either holding the sleep and home button at the same time or the volume up and down buttons and side button, depending on the model of iPhone or iPad owned. When the option to ‘Restore’ or ‘Update’ comes up on the computer, select ‘Restore.’ From there, download and reinstall iOS 14 on the phone or tablet. This is where that backup, if there is one, can be installed too.

iOS 15 certainly has many interesting features, such as the new SharePlay option to allow users to stream and share music, movies, TV shows, and more with friends as an alternative to physically hanging out, which is less possible these days. There is still no shame in going back to iOS 14, which is probably a lot safer than this early iOS 15 beta. IOS 14 also has some great Game Boy emulators, too.