How to fix Nintendo Switch error code 2123-1502

The Nintendo Switch 2123-1502 error code is still giving the console’s owners headaches, with the recent 12.0.3 update causing problems for those looking to connect to the internet or download digital games from the Nintendo eShop. The error code has been appearing since the new Switch firmware update, with Nintendo having yet to resolve it. So how did you fix the Switch error code 2123-1502?

Nintendo Switch 2123-1502 error code fix

nintendo switch error code 2123 1502 fix

Multiple fixes have been suggested for the Nintendo Switch 2123-1502 error code, though only one seems to be working with any consistency. This will see you “fixing” the issue by way of repeatedly spamming the retry download button, which is a tedious workaround but appears to be the only way users are managing to download games if hit by the error code.

If you’re met by the 2123-1502 error code while trying to download a game or connect to the internet, simply repeating what you were doing until it works seems to be the only method that works with regularity. Many players have reported that by retrying the download after being hit with the error code, eventually it disappears and they are able to continue as usual. While this doesn’t always work, it’s the only method that players say is rectifying the issue for them right now.

It’s an annoying problem, especially considering Nintendo previously ceased rollout of the 12.0.3 update after it became clear it had technical issues. The company then stated it would continue deploying the firmware update, though the problem still hasn’t been resolved, meaning that many Switch console owners are facing the error as a result of updating their system.

In other news, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope was recently revealed for the Switch, with the sequel once again seeing Ubisoft team up with Nintendo. A Nintendo Direct is also expected at E3 2021 this week, where fans hope a new Switch Pro version of the console will be unveiled.