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Why is Warzone crashing on Xbox Series X and One? How to fix (2021)

Players of the latest Call of Duty on Xbox consoles in 2021 may be experiencing Call of Duty: Warzone crashing on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Anyone suffering from a Warzone Xbox crash may be encountering a memory error, which can cause the game to crash on Xbox consoles when starting a multiplayer match. Is there a Warzone Xbox crash fix for Memory Error 0 1766 and other Xbox crashes?

How to fix Warzone crashing on Xbox Series X and Xbox One

Warzone crashing on Xbox

To fix Call of Duty: Warzone on Xbox Series X and Xbox One, users must do the following:

  • If the frame rate drops or stutters during a match, suggesting a crash may be imminent, press and hold the Xbox button until ‘Turn Off Console’ appears, then simply back out by pressing ‘B’. A player on Reddit discovered this fix.
  • Turn off Party Chat Overlay, as this can cause crashing for some players in certain circumstances.
  • If there is another hard drive attached, the game may be installed to the wrong drive. Uninstall Warzone and make sure it is reinstalled to the Xbox’s own SSD.
  • If experiencing frequent crashes, force close the game. With Warzone running, press the Xbox button, highlight the app, and choose ‘Quit’ from the Menu. Restart the game fresh and check for crashes.
  • Restart the Xbox console. Alternatively, refresh the system cache by closing the console, unplugging it for around 30 seconds, and then plug back in and turn on again.
  • Switch off ray tracing, HDR, or reduce the resolution to 1080p if crashing persists.

Hopefully one of these solutions will help with any crashing problems on Xbox One. Head here if you want to know how to appear offline in Warzone, how to fix stats not tracking in the game, and how to use the PS5 controller to play Warzone on PC.