Is Bright Memory: Infinite coming to PS5?

Bright Memory: Infinite is an over-the-top shooter with stunning visuals. Players saw more of the game in action during E3 2021, which, naturally, got gamers contemplating a PlayStation 5 version. But, is there a Bright Memory: Infinite PS5 port coming out? Here’s the lowdown on the “lightning-fast fusion of FPS and action” coming to Sony’s next-gen console.

Is there a Bright Memory: Infinite PS5 release date?

Is Bright Memory Infinite coming to PS5

Bright Memory: Infinite is launching for Xbox Series X|S and PC exclusively in 2021. PlayStation 5 owners can look forward to the confirmed Bright Memory: Infinite PS5 port sometime after that.

There’s no exact Bright Memory: Infinite PS5 release date, or release window, at this time. The game still doesn’t have a target launch day for its main platforms, so PlayStation players could be in for a long wait. Additionally, Bright Memory — essentially a standalone proof of concept for its “sequel,” Infinite — remains exclusive to PC and Xbox Series X|S months after launch.

Resultingly, it’s possible to speculate that the developer is in no immediate rush to port the game(s) over. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as it should eventually result in everyone getting the best possible version of the game. Stay tuned to GameRevolution for any official updates on the Bright Memory: Infinite PlayStation 5 release date.

Unfortunately, there’s some disappointing news for anyone curious about a potential Bright Memory: Infinite PS4 release. The Bright Memory games are visual showpieces that don’t support older hardware — hence the high minimum PC specs and lack of an Xbox One version.

While waiting for more on the upcoming Bright Memory: Infinite PS5 launch, why not check out some of the latest gaming news? The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Yuffie DLC is “a great morsel to tide us over” until the eventual sequel. There’s also a new Genshin Impact event on the way, which will be fully playable on PS5.

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