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How long will Sea of Thieves be down today, June 22?

The big new Pirates of the Caribbean-themed update has put the game down for maintenance, so how long will Sea of Thieves be down for today, June 22? A lot of Sea of Thieves maintenance is going on for the A Pirate’s Life expansion, and as the game’s offline right now players are eager to get back into the game and meet Jack Sparrow. When will the Sea of Thieves servers be back up? Let’s have a look.

When will Sea of Thieves be back up for A Pirate’s Life update?

How long will Sea of Thieves be down

Sea of Thieves servers are currently offline and they should return around 12:00 midday BST if previous updates and their maintenance periods are any indication. Sea of Thieves went down for maintenance related to the A Pirate’s Life expansion at 10:00 BST today. It is still currently offline, and although developer Rare has not offered an exact time that the servers will be back up, previous expansion updates such as Ashen Winds have only been a couple of hours, so the game should be back soon.

Sea of Thieves is still in the middle of Season 2, although of course, the bigger news is the Pirates of the Caribbean expansion which is coming today for free to the game, which was announced at Microsoft’s Xbox conference at E3 last week. When the game comes back up, players will be able to join up with Captain Jack Sparrow, meet the voodoo lady Tia Dalma, and fight Davey Jones and his ghost ship the Flying Dutchman.

The sadder news. but something that should probably be expected, is that Johnny Depp will not be playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the A Pirate’s Life storyline. It is most likely Jared Butler, who portrays Jack in the Kingdom Hearts series of games from Square Enix. Butler seems to be doing a good job, so it’s probably best not to complain.