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Sea of Thieves VR: Is it on Oculus Rift, Quest, HTC Vive, and WMR?

Sea of Thieves is already an immersive pirate adventure on a flat screen, so it’s no surprise that players want to take things a step further in virtual reality. Is there a Sea of Thieves VR mode, though? If there isn’t any official support, is there at least a VR mod? Here’s the lowdown on playing via Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest 1 and 2, HTC Vive, and WMR devices.

How to play Sea of Thieves VR on PC

Sea of Thieves VR

Here’s how to play the unofficial Sea of Thieves VR mode:

  1. Purchase the vorpX software
  2. Install and open the application
  3. Use the DirectVR feature to play Sea of Thieves in virtual reality

Playing the Sea of Thieves VR mode does require the purchase of vorpX, which costs $47.99 USD. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free virtual reality mod for Sea of Thieves at this time.

vorpX is a piece of 3D driver software that can convert non-VR DirectX 9 through 11 games into virtual reality titles. It does this with “as little need for user interaction as possible” to keep the process simple. That said, it does provide customization options allowing players to finetune settings like the field of view and resolution.

For now, using vorpX is the only way to play Sea of Thieves in VR. The developers seemingly have no plans to integrate an official VR mode, so fans will need to splash out on vorpX in order to sail the high seas in a virtual 3D environment.

There’s still plenty for non-VR players to do in Sea of Thieves, though; the new A Pirate’s Life expansion is out now, following some downtime and a hefty download. It adds a ton of all-new Pirate of the Caribbean content to the game, including the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow. Naturally, a lot of people are wondering about who voices the salty cap’n.