What is WTF Coin? How and where to buy

Image Credit: Lars Baron/Getty Images

WTF Coin is a cryptocurrency trending as a result of a Euro 2020 pitch invader, who was escorted off the field during the Belgium and Finland match this week while wearing a vest advertising the crypto. So what is WTF Coin, and how and where can you buy it?

How to buy WTF Coin and is it real?

WTF Coin is a Binance Smart Chain token and is currently available to trade. Though it doesn’t have the same pulling power as the likes of Bitcoin and Dogecoin — its current value sits at around $0.0026, which doesn’t make it a high-roller in the continuously volatile crypto market, but its recent viral status has garnered it some extra attention.

WTF Coin is available to purchase from Pancake Swap, though caution is advised given that the trading site lists it as being from an unknown source. Given that its creator and origin has yet to be verified, Pancake Swap notes that “if you purchase an arbitrary token, you may be unable to sell it back.”

Nonetheless, WTF Coin has achieved a boost to its price due to its surprise appearance during the Euro 2020 tournament. During the match between Belgium and Finland, a woman ran onto the pitch wearing a WTF Coin vest, along with advertising the site yoursafe.wtf. This site contains a mission statement for the crypto, which reads: “OUR MISSION is to build a legendary community that will buy its own WTF Island with blackjack and w***** to escape from zombie apocalypse. Are you in brah?”

Clearly attempting to heavily lean into the meme status obtained by other crypto such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Coin, it’s doubtful that WTF Coin will enjoy similar success. Still, we’ve seen a variety of cryptocurrencies pop up and make buyers some swift cash due to their extreme volatility, so never say never.

In other news, the Shiba Swap portal will be launching in the near future. China’s recent crackdown on cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin also caused a crash for the market.