Is there a Scarlet Nexus ‘Failed to connect’ error fix?

A Scarlet Nexus ‘failed to connect’ error may appear for players a few hours into the game, when players get a special mission from Musubi. The Scarlet Nexus Musubi mission error begins with a message from the restaurant owner asking the player to visit them, but when they go and talk to Musubi they get the request to ‘check your connection’ instead. Is there a fix for the Scarlet Nexus connection error?

Is there a way to fix the Scarlet Nexus ‘failed to connect’ error?

Scarlet Nexus 'Failed to connect' error

If the ‘Failed to connect, please check your connection and try again’ error is showing up in Scarlet Nexus, then either there is something wrong with the player’s internet connection or Bandai Namco’s servers are currently down. Players should make sure their own internet connections are fine, especially through whatever console or platform they’re using — for example, Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live may be down instead. If the player’s own connection is fine, then it’s a simple case of having to try later as there’s probably something wrong on Bandai Namco’s end.

It seems this mission is a special quest that requires connection to Bandai Namco servers. It involves saving a journalist from some assassins and retrieving some classified data. Hopefully, players will be able to access it after the error message has gone away.

Scarlet Nexus is out today on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5, although there’s no news yet on a Switch port. While Microsoft currently has not announced any plans to bring it to Xbox Game Pass, it remains a distinct possibility for the future. Coming a lot sooner, however, is the Scarlet Nexus anime tie-in, which makes a lot of sense given the game’s anime style and is available very soon.