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Minecraft: What can you do with Copper?

The world of Minecraft is quite literally comprised of useful materials. As you mine and craft your way to glory, you’ll very likely encounter copper. This basic metal may seem useless at first, but there’s actually a lot you can do with copper, especially if you like to decorate.

What to do with Copper in Minecraft

What to do with Copper in Minecraft

Copper in Mincraft can be used to craft the Lightning Rod and Spyglass. Of course, what you can do with copper ultimately depends on which form you have. Copper ingots, cuts, blocks, and slabs all have different uses.

The most common form of copper you’ll find is Copper Ore. This is the metal in its natural form: Blocks that appear in chunks as you dig your way through the world of Minecraft. Once broken, these ore blocks will drop Raw Copper.

When placed into the Smelter, both Copper Ore and Raw Copper will turn into Copper Ingots. This is the most useful form of the metal, as it can be used directly in crafting recipes. Namely, ingots are used to craft the Lightning Rod, used to redirect lightning strikes, and the Spyglass, which can be used to scope out locations from afar.

Finally, Raw Copper as well as Copper Ingots can also be crafted into entire blocks of raw metal. These Blocks of Copper are used mainly as decoration, and they’ll oxidize over time, changing color. Blocks of the metal can be used to craft Cut Copper. Those can then be combined with a Honeycomb to form Waxed Copper. Four Waxed Blocks of Copper can then be used to make Waxed Cut Copper blocks. And, due to their classification as a decoration, those blocks can then be cut into slabs or stairs to place around your structures.

There’s a lot you can do with copper in Minecraft. Ingots can be used to craft the Spyglass and Lightning Rod, while pure block forms of the metal are typically used for decoration. It’s especially striking in cut and waxed forms when used as flooring or staircases.

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