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Minecraft: How to craft green dye

Players can craft Green Dye in Minecraft to change the color of a multitude of different things. Armor, banners, beds, candles, concrete powder, firework stars, shulker boxes, sign text, and more can all be dyed green. However, finding the ingredients to make the Green Dye receipe in Minecraft can be tough.

How do you make Green Dye in Minecraft?

Minecraft Green Dye

There are a few ways to get Green Dye in Minecraft. By far, the easiest way is for players to make it themselves, and it requires very basic resources and technology to do it. However, it can also be found as loot or bought from traders.

To make Green Dye, players must first build a smelter, which is the workstation needed to craft it. Then, players should look for a desert biome where they can harvest Cactus. The Cactus can then be placed in the smelter. Players can then add any fuel source to create Green Dye.

For those hoping to find Green Dye pre-made, it can be found in house chests found in villages, but only in the desert biome. Alternatively, players can purchase it from some wandering traders for the price of one emerald.

Recipes that can use Green Dye are:

  • Green Banner: Any Banner + Green Dye
  • Green Bed: Bed + Green Dye
  • Green Candle: Candle + Green Dye
  • Green Carpet: 8 White Carpet + Green Dye
  • Green Concrete Blocks: 4 Sand + 4 Gravel + Green Dye
  • Green Firework Star: Firework Star + Green Dye
  • Green Shulker Box: Shulker Box + Green Dye
  • Green Stained Glass Pane: 8 Glass Pane + Green Dye
  • Green Stained Glass: 8 Glass + Green Dye
  • Green Terracotta: Terracotta + Green Dye
  • Green Water: Cauldron (w/ water) + Green Dye
  • Green Wool: Any Wool + Green Dye

Players can also use green Dye to make two other dyes:

  • Cyan Dye: Blue Dye or Lapis Lazuli + Green Dye
  • Lime Dye: Green Dye + White Dye