Bitcoin News Today, June 25: Price, will it go back up or down?

In Bitcoin news today, June 25, the BTC price could see some shifts as the market reacts to recent events. With news of governments cracking down on cryptomining, certain influential celebrities like Elon Musk tweeting, and the continued shortage of GPUs used to mine, the Bitcoin price has the potential to fall or go back up. Here’s a breakdown on the latest BTC news.

Will Bitcoin price go back up or down today?

Bitcoin News Today

Bitcoin price is continuing to go down for today, June 25.

However, it should be noted that it’s still reasonably above the $30,000 mark that it hit earlier this week.

The current value is similar to that of earlier this month, suggesting some consistency. Of course, with the Chinese government cracking down on mining, Elon Musk continuing to impact the market in a big way with simple tweets, and GPUs still in high demand but with little supply, it’s difficult to use the word “stable.”

While it doesn’t look like Bitcoin will be reaching the highs of March and April 2021 anytime soon, nothing is ever really certain in the world of crypto.

It’s likely Bitcoin investors won’t feel truly secure until the $40,000 mark has been passed again and with a significant positive incline. Until then, the rollercoaster up and downs are sure to make folks nervous.

Here’s hoping everyone is investing safely as the fluctuations can cause thousands of dollars to be lost in mere hours.

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