Windows 11 Home vs Pro Differences: Which version should I get?

Windows 11 is fast approaching, so many of those looking to upgrade are wondering which version to get. Is Win 11 Pro really necessary, or is opting for Win 11 Home a good way to save money? Here’s the latest on the Windows 11 Home vs Pro differences and which version is the best to purchase.

Windows 11 Home vs Pro: What are the differences?

Windows 11 Home vs Pro

Windows 11 Home requires a Microsoft account and an internet connection to set up, whereas Win 11 Pro does not. Outside of this confirmed difference, Windows 11 Pro is likely to offer additional security and business features over the Home version.

Microsoft is yet to confirm the exact Windows 11 Home and Pro differences, though it’s currently possible to speculate based on how the Win 10 versions differ. Both versions offer all of the same fundamental features, though, in terms of security, they differ slightly. Win 10 Pro boasts BitLocker device encryption and Windows Information Protection (WIP) over the Home version. The former allows users to lock a lost or stolen device down, while the latter helps to prevent data leakage.

Most fundamentally, Win 11 Home is unlikely to offer any business management and/or deployment software. This is the case with the Windows 10 Home version, whereas Win 10 Pro customers gain no less than 10 additional benefits. Some of these include mobile device management, access to the Microsoft Store for Business, and the Windows Update for Business feature.

Even in the absence of any business needs, security-conscious consumers might want to opt for Windows 11 Pro in order to gain those potential benefits. Of course, there’s also no Microsoft account or internet access requirement when setting up the Pro version.

Before opting for either Windows 11 Home or Pro, be sure to check the minimum requirements. If they aren’t met, it’s possible to receive the TPM 2.0 support error (amongst others).

Win 11 promises to be a great destination for entertainment, too, providing the “best ever” PC gaming experience. Additionally, the all-new Microsoft Store will feature more apps than before — including TikTok.